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June 13, 2023

The Conversation

Sarah Jones

Today, Sarah Jones and Amanda discuss the sexualization and disempowerment of women. Sarah, writer, actor and filmmaker, brings to light aspects of the sex industry through her film Sell/Buy/Date.  We delve into topics that should not be taboo and issues that require a conversation that for all too long have been ignored, denied or sadly even justified, like why women should not be shamed and stigmatized for expressing their sexuality.


  • [01:27] Sarah shares her thoughts on how the oldest profession in the world needed an authentic voice
  • [04:56] Girls are at risk from age 12. The unfair treatment between the sexes because of draconian laws
  • [08:19] Sarah describes the changes she would like to see and the removal of the stigma from women choosing this work
  • [15:27] Sarah reveals her thoughts about the perception of women and how a male-dominated industry like Hollywood categorizes women. What are the ramifications if the film, Sell/Buy/Date, isn't a blockbuster
  • [20:17] Boys are also wounded and can account for growing into men who dominate
  • [24:37] Sarah expresses ways she wants her film to impact the public
  • [27:10] Do these problems stem from economic realities in western or even global culture
  • [29:20] Sarah explained the cancel culture she experienced when announcing the film


  • Women are vilified and jailed for prostitution, while the Johns get a slap on the wrist and are on their merry way.
  • Sex trafficking is as much about money as it is about the degradation of women and girls.
  • Hollywood is a male-dominated industry that still views women as a commodity.



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“I’m not here to bash anybody. I’m here to remind straight white men that they are not in danger.  You are not an endangered species; you still run all the studios. I know there are a couple of figureheads, but guess what? The only black women, brown women, and non-binary folks who get through still have to be vetted by Hollywood's larger white patriarchal establishment.” - Sarah Jones

“We need to have a larger conversation about the sex industry that pulls up to a drone-level view and says, ‘Wait a minute, capitalism, racism, colonialism, all of this history is what explains why there is a disproportionate number of black and brown girls and native women in the sex trade today.”  - Sarah Jones