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About Amanda

A little bit about me…..

I do a lot of things. Likely too many. I interview people on  my show The Conversation which lives on TV, online and as a podcast. I write books, take care of my kids, I am a  portrait and fashion photographer, I am the Founder of Girlgaze and I don’t get enough sleep.

I began my career at the age of fifteen as the host of two of the UK’s most successful television shows. What can I say? I started young and quite frankly, needed a job once I got out of the juvenile detention home that I spent some time in.

I hosted TV until I had my first daughter, when I was 19 years old, and left London for a normal life in LA. For the next 15 years, I lived behind the camera as a photographer. I published my first photography book Rare Birds in 2010, and have photographed many influential and interesting figures in contemporary culture.

After 15 years, I returned to television in Spring 2012 with a prime time interview series I created and produced with Demi Moore  called The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet. The concept for the show grew out of my own journey, and utilizing my ability to capture the essence of women through our universal language of shared experiences and solutions.

I live in LA with my kids and my hubby and continually try to make media that challenges perceptions of women. In 2016 I launched my company Girlgaze, a digital platform for hiring female and no-binary Gen Z creatives.