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May 16, 2023

The Conversation

Sabrina Elba

In this episode of The Conversation Podcast, we are joined by model and activist, Sabrina Elba. She discusses the podcast, Coupledom, that she and her husband, Idris, co-host together. They created this podcast during the pandemic as a reminder of the importance of human connection and nurturing relationships. On their podcast, they visit with couples of all types, even the creators of Ben and Jerry’s famous ice cream. We discuss topics surrounding marriage and family like, when are you ready for children, does an age gap in a relationship matter, and is couples therapy essential before marriage?  Tune in for your daily dose of human connection with Amanda and Sabrina.


  • [00:00] Amanda and Sabrina catch up and discuss the effort needed to have your posts noticed on social media
  • [05:20] Sabrina shares her childhood, discusses parenting, having a family and the sacrifices you make for your children
  • [11:12] Age gaps between married couples, are they even significant, and role models for marriage
  • [15:16] Sabrina reflects on why she and her husband, Idris, started the podcast Coupledom
  • [18:04] How important is couples therapy before marriage, and are there other ways of knowing your partner
  • [20:50] Sabrina’s reaction to being a celebrated couple and discusses high profile vis-a-vie low profile status


  • Sabrina and Idris share their life and ask questions of other couples on their podcast, Coupledom. They created their podcast during the pandemic as a way to connect people and as a reminder to ourselves the importance of human connections and nurturing relationships.
  • Age difference in a marriage isn’t relevant.  It’s the relationship dynamic, morals, beliefs, and communication that make a good marriage
  • Children can change the amount of focus you place on your career.  You can have it all, but not all at the same time.



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“The relationships around me are so important. Not only do they affect my mental state, but they also affect time spent and productivity, how I live my life, and how I dream. Those are the relationships we need to talk about.” - Sabrina Elba

“People used to throw out comments when we first got together. ‘Why does she have something to say? She’s just a wife or a girlfriend.’ My mom told me, ‘Don’t let anyone make you think that your voice isn’t important because it’s the strongest thing that we have.’ She’s right. I’m always going to speak for what I believe in and for what I stand for.”  - Sabrina Elba