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May 2, 2023

The Conversation

Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades was the most searched for porn star on #PornHub and quit at the height of her success. She explains why made that choice, and speaks out against the men who run the industry. Lana is on a mission to make sure girls know the reality of a career in porn and the impact it can have on their mental and physical health. She also talks about spending a year in prison, the traumas she experienced as a child, and why she is so much happier today building her life away from the porn industry. This is one of my favorite conversations, thank you Lana for sharing your powerful story with such honesty and trust


  • [00:52] Lana reveals her early childhood experiences
  • [06:05] Dropping out of school in eighth grade, Lana ends up being arrested
  • [12:45] Exploitation and the realization that men were sexualizing her
  • [13:30] Recruitment into the porn industry and Lana’s thoughts about the life she chose
  • [15:22] The fallout with her agent. Lana discusses the type of scenes she was willing to do 
  • [20:32] Brainwashing, the isolation she felt, and crossing boundaries she regrets. 
  • [21:28] Lana is drawn back into working in the porn industry. She explains how she quit for good
  • [24:30] Becoming a YouTube Influencer and the reaction from her parents when finding out about her life in the industry
  • [30:58] What is Lana’s dating life? 
  • [34:56] Why does Amara go by Lana? She talks about her hopes and dreams and how she views her body


  • The porn industry preys on young girls presenting the glamorous side, not the reality.
  • Children exposed to porn on the internet will come away with an unhealthy view of sex.
  • Many porn stars suffer from mental health issues because of the degradation they experience. 


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“Talking about these experiences can help other women who are naive or came from a shitty situation, a broken home or trauma to see the downsides and not glamorize the sex industry. I just want them to draw from my experience.  That’s why I talk about it; otherwise, I would prefer not to. “ - Lana Rhoades

“A lot of people say, “Self-care and love yourself.” But really, self-care, love yourself, work on yourself. There’s a thousand other ways to make yourself more amazing besides changing your exterior.” - Lana Rhoades