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May 9, 2023

The Conversation

Julianna Margulies

“No one has the power to fix anyone but themselves,” is one of many impactful pieces of wisdom shared by actress and author Julianna Margulies in this episode. Host Amanda and Julianna cover a wide range of topics: the joy of a second chance at love, measuring how much hovering over our teen children helps, raising children, and how eager we are to watch a tv series that explores how women over 50 navigate this chapter of life. Don’t miss this episode of The Conversation!


  • [01:00] Julianna explains why her childhood nickname formed who she was as an adult and why she named her book after Sunshine Girl
  • [05:02] A people pleaser as a child and a problematic relationship from age 25 to 35 was the spark that started Julianna’s journey to a woman who knew what she wanted
  • [12:39] Julianna discusses the way she was raised, raising her child and the importance of saying your sorry
  • [16:20] Julianna shares the guilt she felt while working on the Good Wife and why mothering too close can handicap your child
  • [25:32] Meeting the right guy and how that changes you and your life expectations. What is essential and what is not
  • [33:17] Julianna talks about the concept of her next project


  • When you say sorry to your child, it teaches them that you aren’t perfect. Saying I’m sorry will be easier for them because they have experienced it firsthand.
  • When you have a dysfunctional childhood, you often gravitate to unhealthy adult relationships.
  • It is freeing to be an adult woman and permit yourself to go without makeup!


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“When you nickname your kids, they live up to those expectations, and it might be just one thing they do, and that’s why you nickname him grumpy. They grow up thinking everyone expects them to be grumpy.  I’ll be grumpy.” - Julianna Margulies

“When it came to men, I clammed up, shut up and shut down that part of me because I was afraid of scaring them away or that I was too strong or capable. God forbid you were too strong. So it was a good juxtaposition between therapy, knowing well enough that I needed to go and work on this stuff and working out my things and my past.” - Julianna Margulies