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May 30, 2023

The Conversation

Jeff Brown

Embarking on our personal growth journeys can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing especially when faced with some of the profound ideas discussed in spiritual communities. That’s why I’m thrilled to be speaking with Jeff Brown on this week’s episode of The Conversation. Jeff is the brilliant author behind Hearticulations, one of my absolute favorite books dedicated to making spiritual growth accessible to everyone. If you’re seeking to work on self-improvement, this episode is the perfect starting point to familiarize yourself with Jeff Brown’s remarkable insights on spiritual growth. Tune in now on your favorite podcast platform and remember to subscribe.


  • [00:31] Jeff Brown shares how after an emotional cleansing, he began to write
  • [02:19] Jeff tells about his journey between practicing law and writing and how going to Harbin Hot Springs Retreat Center pressed him into writing full time
  • [05:51] Facing the struggles of leaving law for an unknown future but following the voice inside
  • [08:43] Staying true and grounded to what called Jeff to write and publish his books and the importance of protecting your calling
  • [14:51] Jeff assists people in excavating their calling but acknowledges their economic realm needs to be solid. Achieving recognition that you are on the right path requires patience and persistence
  • [18:32] Clearing emotional debris and dealing with unresolved trauma are the first steps to recognizing your path
  • [22:01] How much of the material we carry emanates from our ancestry and generational trauma? You never reach a plateau; you continue to work it out
  • [26:41] Jeff reveals where his next body of work will be focused and discusses the abuse of power and who benefits


  • When people are overwhelmed with the economic realm they must live in to survive, they don’t take time to analyze the path they have taken.
  • Before dealing with trauma, you must be willing to pull those skeletons out of the closet.
  • Some of the trauma we carry is generational.  We must deal with that as well.



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“If we were all walking our truest path in this life, nobody would be harming anybody because we'd just be so bloody gratified at every moment and so desirous of bringing that offering to the world that we wouldn’t see so much of the craziness that we now see.” - Jeff Brown

“I think it’s important to recognize we are pioneering consciousness just in the fact that we’re recognizing that we’re holding all this material that emanates from our ancestry and not just from our individual life experience.” - Jeff Brown