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June 20, 2023

The Conversation

Jamie Lee Curtis

The lifelong path of recovery from addiction is a shared theme in the lives of actress Jamie Lee Curtis and host Amanda de Cadenet. The duo shares their sobriety stories and spiritual journeys from a place of sisterhood, mutual trust, and empathy. Join us today on this episode of The Conversation, where Jamie Lee Curtis truthfully shares her journey through addiction to the light of sobriety. Jamie Lee discusses the three events that were her wake-up call to the destructive nature of her addiction to Vicodin.


  • [00:30] Jamie Lee Curtis and Amanda discuss their friendship and sisterhood
  • [03:14] Jamie Lee shares how she became comfortable talking about recovery from addiction
  • [07:26] How the article, Vicodin, My Vicodin, by Tom Chiarella, opened her eyes to the knowledge that she wasn’t in this struggle alone
  • [09:47] Jamie Lee discusses her family history of addiction and alcoholism
  • [15:49] Jamie Lee discloses how she obtained her drugs
  • [20:28] Three wake-up calls she experienced to climb out of her addictive lifestyle
  • [25:47] The understanding of who the problem was, the feeling of how the community felt, and the personal tenants she ascribes to have kept Jamie Lee sober
  • [32:19] How trauma can lead a person to a life of addiction
  • [38:37] Jamie Lee shares her career choices and her dreams and goals for future projects


  • Talking about your substance abuse with others who share your same experiences, feelings, and struggles opens the door to healing and reveals the path to recovery from addiction.
  • We learn through the addictions we want to hide; if you talk about it, you can’t control it. So, instead, we hide it and become who we think people want us to be.
  • Addiction can happen to anyone, and generational addiction is challenging to escape.


“We have a phrase in recovery, ‘When I’m looking in the mirror, the deep, dark, truthful mirror, I’m looking at the problem.’ It’s not my mother, father, husband, sister, or friend.  It’s me. That changed my life.”  - Jamie Lee Curtis


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