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April 2, 2023

The Conversation

Jamie Lee Curtis

Get ready for an incredible episode of The Conversation Podcast! Today, my dear friend and iconic actress Jamie Lee Curtis joins me to discuss the announcement of the Oscar nominees, all the way to her eventual win for Best Supporting Actress in the film Everything Everywhere All At Once. Jamie Lee has been in the acting game since the age of 19, and she takes us through the emotional rollercoaster of the nomination process and the unforgettable night of the Oscars.


  • [00:42] Jamie Lee reflects on the moment she was named an Oscar winner and the expectations and realizations that brings
  • [05:36] A humble winner and Jamie Lee’s friendship with Michelle Yeoh
  • [11:20] Women supporting women should be the norm
  • [13:30] Jamie Lee describes herself as a “Promoter,” and the over-exposure when you win an Oscar
  • [21:23] Deborah Oppenheimer’s friendship during the process of learning of the nomination through the night of the Oscars
  • [26:57] Jamie Lee’s closing thoughts on the experience of her nomination and subsequent win of the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress


  • Winning an Oscar is a game-changer in Hollywood. Over-exposure can result in your showing up as a skit on Saturday Night Live.
  • Women supporting women is a concept that some women talk about but do not walk, unfortunately.


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“The point is, that we're in this together, and that to me is what's missing. The fact that this is unusual, that a woman would support another woman, that hype women would be an anomaly.” - Jamie Lee Curtis

“I couldn't ever even allow myself the possibility that it would happen. The nomination itself was such a game changer for me because that was never in my thought pattern. It was never in my mind that that would happen for me.” - Jamie Lee Curtis