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May 7, 2024

The Conversation

Billie Piper

Amanda reunites with her friend, actress, writer, producer, and singer Billie Piper. They reminisce about their shared experiences and beginnings in the UK - where they both started their professional careers as teenagers. Their conversation includes Billie’s latest project, the Netflix movie Scoop, inspired by the infamous interview of Prince Andrew. Amanda and Billie discuss the complicated journey of parenthood, sharing insights on the challenges of raising children in today's world. From contrasting parenting styles to the delicate balance of co-parenting , Amanda and Billie reflect on the universal struggle to not "screw up" their kids. 


  • [1:57] Amanda and Billie catch up after 20 years. They reflect on their public-facing careers and how life has changed for them.  
  • [13:09] Discussion of Billie’s accomplishments and discussion of I Hate Suzie
  • [18:24] Discussion of Billie’s new move, Scoop
  • [24:00] Billie discusses her family, and Amanda and Billie discuss the various ways of parenting
  • [31:46] Co-parenting and not having your same values and gauging what is age-appropriate for your child
  • [39:31] Raising boys versus girls
  • [45:41] Billie talks about her future 


  • Career paths, autonomy, and personal narratives
  • Making creative choices and being guided by your own interests
  • Parenting and life reflections 
  • Telling your own stories 


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Billie Piper - Website

Official Teaser - SCOOP - Netflix


Billie Piper is an Olivier Award-winning actress, singer, writer, and producer. She is known globally for her work on Doctor Who, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, I Hate Suzie, and countless other projects. 

Scoop: Inspired by real events, Scoop is the inside account of the tenacious journalists that landed an earth-shattering interview - Prince Andrew's infamous BBC Newsnight appearance. From the tension of producer Sam McAlister’s (played by Billie Piper) high-stakes negotiations with Buckingham Palace all the way to Emily Maitlis’ (played by Gillian Anderson) jaw-dropping, forensic showdown with the Prince, Scoop takes us inside the story, with the women who would stop at nothing to get it. Scoop is now available on Netflix. 

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