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When Gwyneth interviewed Amanda

I now know what it’s like being interviewed by someone who knows where the bodies are buried! I was crying within minutes of The CONVERSATION UK Special where Gwyneth turned the tables and interviewed me. I felt it only fair that after asking some super personal questions of my guests, that I ... 

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Emma Watson launches #HEforSHE campaign.

We support you Emma! Wonderful and brave speech addressing the need for equality, her interpretation of the word feminist and why we need men and women to stand together . The Conversation Starter for this week is  “Do you think this empowered speech will get men to stand up and support women... 

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Slutshaming,social media and sexting .

Please take a minute to check out the article I wrote for the newly launched Yahoo Style. It’s all about the stolen nudes and my own experience with having unauthorized images published and what that did to me . Let me know in the comments below what you think ! Amanda x ...

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