The power of storytelling and my collaboration with

Part of self-discovery for me is not only knowing what doesn’t work for me, but also knowing what DOES work. I have made it part of my life long mission to discover what I like, what am I interested in, what makes me feel good about my SELF, what inspires me, comforts me, calms me, excites me ? Being able to answer these questions is an ongoing and changing exploration. What I do know for sure is that I LOVE stories. I truly believe in the power of storytelling as a medium to share wisdom, warnings and as a way of sharing the insights of generations past. A story can be shared in many mediums and my medium is The Conversation, my photography, writing and even how I try to use social media. I am always looking for new ways to tell a story! So when an opportunity came up to collaborate with @LoveGoldLive to share stories around #Futureheirlooms I jumped at the chance because treasured pieces of jewelry, almost ALWAYS has a beautiful story connected to them. I asked 6 people who I admire, adore or am just interested in to share with me their favorite gold #futureheirloom  story. Throughout the week, on and on @lovegoldlive’s instagram you’ll get to see videos and photo’s sharing stories from myself, Amber Valletta, Joy Bryant, Magda Wosinska, Brody Dalle and my hubby Nick Valensi about our favorite #futureheirlooms and why it’s so special to us. As always, I would LOVE to hear from you if you have a special gold #futureheirlooms, if you want to share an image or story with me on twitter or Instagram, please make sure to include @lovegoldlive #futureheirlooms and I will be sharing my favorite ones!

Hope you enjoy the stories; I really enjoyed making them for you!

Amanda x

P.S- Check out my  Instagram today to see my personal story about the gold Victorian locket necklace so many of you have asked about !